Record Application Procedures


It is not easy to apply for a world record, but if you are determined and are endowed with surpassing skills, we are confident that we can help you to achieve your dream to become a world record-holder.

Before apply for a world record, you can first search for previous world record grade online first, or you can contact with us by phone or other methods to inquiry the world record grade of record you are interested in. Detailed application procedures are as follows:


> The first step

Contact us by leaving a message on our website or other ways.


> The second step

Please fill the chat of Forbes World Record Application and submit it to our client manager.


> The third step

Please wait to receive your notice of initial evaluation of the title of record honor as well as related rules of the record. We will inform you if your title of record honor fails to pass.


> The fourth step

Please evaluate your own challenge according to rules of the record presented by us; and after making sure that your challenge is in line with our demands, please collect other evidences that can prove your ability and wait to send them back to us.


> The fifth step

Please choose a authentication method and make formal challenges.

Authentication officer will show at exact data, time and place to inspect and record your record challenge program together with other officers.


Wish you a successful application and fruitful outcome!


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