A $21,000 goat, what is special about it?



In Australia, a goat named Marrakesh has been sold for $21,000 and has broken all previous records. In this way, this goat has become in the headlines. On Wednesday, goats were put up for sale in Cobar, a town in western New South Wales. According to the Guardian report, Andrew Mosley, who bought this goat, said that it is a very stylish deer, it is very well kept. Its movement is very good. It’s not very big. But it has developed quite well.

Earlier the record for the most expensive goat was $12,000. A goat named Brock was sold last month, which held this record. Before Marrakesh, Mosley already owned Australia’s highest priced goat. He paid $9,000 for another goat last year. According to ABC News, Moseley raises lambs, cattle as well as goats and has even invested in fences to keep his herd safe from wild goats. Mosley said that goats like Marrakesh are expensive because their numbers are very less. There are only 17 goats.


And this is not gonna surprise us since we know that world's most expensive sheep has just been purchased for $490,000.

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