Longest Unmanned Flight


 A solar-powered drone called Zephyr beat the record of the longest unmanned flight on August 19, 2022.The unmanned aircraft, operated by the US Army and produced by Airbus, flew for 64 days, 18 hours and 26 minutes before unexpectedly crashing down in Arizona.


The Zephyr drone is unique not only because of the high altitudes at which it can fly, but also because of how long it can continuously remain airborne. Its capability for such long flights is thanks to its use of solar power. The solar panels on its backside continuously absorb sunlight during the day, providing sufficient energy to power its propellors during the day and also at night. Flying high in the stratosphere, the aircraft remains above the majority of terrestrial weather. This allows it to receive uninterrupted radiation from the sun for as long as possible. Despite being over 82 feet long, the ultra-light craft comes in at only 166 pounds.


The flight came within hours of beating the 63-year-strong record for the longest recorded flight, currently held by two pilots using a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Since Zephyr is a solar-powered drone, it still break the record of world’s longest unmanned flight.

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