The Highest Number of Tricep Push-Ups in One Minute


Shanghai Martial Arts Practitioner sets New World Record for Push-Ups


In April 2023, Mr. Bing Wenjia, who resides in Shanghai, submitted his application for the world record of "The Highest Number of Tricep Push-Ups in One Minute".  

After clarifying and following various official standards for this push-up requirement (including the distance between two hands, the degree to which arms are close to the body during descent, and the angle of elbow bend) he passed the preliminary and final review of this record. Mr. Bing successfully setting a new world record with a total of 98 push-ups in sixty seconds.


As a martial arts practitioner who advocates the concept of "striving for excellence" and as a professional in the field of Operational Excellence, Bing Wenjia is not only enthusiastic about helping enterprises continuously improve their operational level in the workplace, but also constantly motivates himself to make physical fitness progress in his daily life. For him, completing various amounts of push ups in the fastest possible time is a suitable exercise method to enhance his speed and strength.


 “A healthy level of competition can lead to more progress,” Bing Wenjia expressed to the staff of the World Record platform. He hopes to have more capable exercise enthusiasts to break this record in the future, which will further encourage him to strive for progress. Bing Wenjia's next exercise goal will be to try to achieve "500 Push-Ups in the Fastest Possible Time".


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