Canada to become first country to put warning labels on individual cigarettes


Canada became the first country to implement pictorial health warnings on cigarette packages in June 2001. Now, Health Canada has announced new warning labels to be printed directly on cigarettes in an effort to deter new smokers, encourage quitting and reduce tobacco-related deaths.


“Tobacco smoke harms children.” “Cigarettes cause leukemia.” “Poison in every puff.” There will be multiple sets of six warnings on the cigarettes.

Health Canada said the strategy aims to reduce tobacco use below 5% by 2035. New regulations also strengthen health-related graphic images displayed on packages of tobacco.


Bennett's statement said tobacco use kills 48,000 Canadians every year.

Doug Roth, chief executive of the Heart & Stroke charity, said the bold measure will ensure that dangers to lung health cannot be missed.


The new rules go into effect August 1, but will be implemented in phases: Retailers who sell tobacco product packages will have to feature the new warnings by the end of April 2024; king-size cigarettes will first feature the individual warnings by the end of July 2024; followed by regular-sized cigarettes and other products by the end of April 2025, the news release said.


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