Midea's Fumeless Range Hood Global Debut: Fastest Smoke Extraction World Record Is Born


As a pioneer in the Chinese home appliance industry, Midea has been devoted to enhancing the beauty of home living for many years. Continuously engaging in technological innovations, it now proudly embarks on a new journey of technological excellence by launching the revolutionary "Smoke-Free Sensation" series of range hoods, heralding a smoke-free cooking era.

On July 16th, the series of range hoods astounded the world by introducing the concept of "Fumeless Hood." This new product combines four core advantages: MAX High-Speed Dual Ventilation, 110°C Variable Frequency Steam Washing, AI Intelligent Cruise, and First-Level Smoke Purification Certification. With cutting-edge technology, it achieves precise smoke control, efficient purification, and healthy breathing, delivering a fresh and healthy cooking experience.

Compared to its previous generation of range hoods, Midea's Fumeless Sensation elevates the cooking experience with technology-driven empowerment. By considering ergonomic principles and smoke diffusion characteristics, it divides the cooking area into an efficient smoke extraction zone and a healthy breathing zone. This ensures that the smoke is swiftly removed from the cooking area while maintaining the smoke PM2.5 concentration in the healthy breathing zone below 50μg/m³, creating a true healthy breathing space for family cooking.

Midea conducted a real-world test to validate the effectiveness of the Smoke-Free Sensation range hood. The test took place in Zhongwei, Ningxia, situated on the southeastern edge of the Tengger Desert. Despite the city's challenging cleaning conditions, the streets remain astonishingly clean, as it follows a standard of "dust not exceeding 5g per square meter." Similarly, Midea's Fumeless Sensation range hood adheres to the high standard of "smoke PM2.5 concentration in the healthy breathing zone below 50μg/m³." The choice to conduct the test with environmentally friendly smoke in Zhongwei, Ningxia, aligns perfectly with Midea's green and environmental philosophy, making it the ideal location for the smoke purification challenge.

With a vision that knows no boundaries, Midea is committed to extending its Smoke-Free Sensation service to every corner of China, even remote desert areas. Midea will ensure the installation of the products and provide relevant services to deliver a quality lifestyle to consumers across the nation.

The Fumeless Hood's challenge in the desert aimed to create a world record for smoke purification. Amidst the enchanting scenery of the desert, the fastest smoke purification record attempt commenced. The success of this smoke purification action remains to be seen. Midea's Fumeless range hood was put to the test through a live broadcast, proving its exceptional smoke purification capabilities to the world.

To ensure the challenge's scientific rigor, Midea set up an ideal experimental site in Shapotou, Zhongwei, Ningxia, inside a 150m³ acrylic transparent room equipped with the Midea Fumeless range hood YL28. Strict quantitative parameters were adhered to, to obtain genuine smoke purification data.

The challenge entailed releasing 150m³ of smoke (equivalent to the smoke emitted from 3500 Chinese families' cooking in one meal inside the acrylic transparent room. Then, the Midea Fumeless range hood YL28 rapidly extracted the smoke from the room, achieving a clean and successful challenge.

Despite the difficulties posed by the desert, such as continuous high temperatures in mid-July, ordinary smoke machines and alarm systems would malfunction at temperatures of 40℃ or even above 50℃. However, the Midea Fumeless Hood continued to operate smoothly under these extreme conditions.

During the challenge, the Midea Fumeless range hood YL28 demonstrated outstanding performance, and its efficient smoke purification speed amazed everyone as it quickly cleared the smoke inside the transparent room. Witnessed by the live audience and viewers, Midea's Smoke-Free Sensation range hood was officially certified by the FWRC) for successfully completing the challenge with high efficiency, setting a new world record for the "Fastest* Smoke Extraction from 150m³ of Space."

With its innovative smoke purification technology, Midea offers an enjoyable and smoke-free healthy lifestyle. For years, the kitchen has been an essential living space for families, carrying numerous expressions of love and happiness. However, kitchen fumes have become an invisible health threat. Studies indicate that the average Chinese family spends around 730 hours in the kitchen annually, and inhaling kitchen fumes for one hour is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes. Creating a smoke-free cooking environment and safeguarding the health of millions of families drive Midea's ongoing pursuit and goal.

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